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Attention, mindful marketers! Want to save the planet while promoting your brand? Learn how to plant trees and reach your audience at the same time with our beginner friendly search ad tutorial. 🌳 Enter Ecosia, the search engine that helps you advertise and regenerate nature by planting trees around the world. Let's get planting!

What are the Benefits of Using Ecosia Ads?

Supporting an ecosystem that plants trees while people search allows your ad spend that might go to a big player like Google, to work for your organization and for nature. By promoting your brand on Ecosia, you will enjoy the benefit of an active user base that is actively engaged in eco-conscious living, lower CPCs, and less competition.  

According to TechAffinity, the demographics of those that use Ecosia over the competitor Google are primarily 18 to 34 years old and actively share an interest in the environment and conscious living. 🌍

And, what’s not to love about lower CPCs and less competition?

Additionally, you will enjoy lower CPCs and less competition through Ecosia ads. Users like Triodos Bank cite their CPC with Ecosia as 3-4 times lower than Google and with higher clickthrough rates.

Here's a Step by Step Guide to Planting Trees While Advertising

Here is a short high-level guide to get your wheels turning. You can divert a small amount of test budget from existing search campaigns

Step 1. Sign up for a Microsoft Bing Account

First, set up your Microsoft Bing Account (make sure to take advantage of a free ad credit). Microsoft Advertising is how you manage your ad campaigns through Ecosia, so you will need an account to get started. You’ll then limit your ads to Ecosia later.

Step 2. Create your first ad campaign

Second, create an ad campaign. You can select target locations, your budget, and key demographic information at this step. This step is also when you can choose target keywords relevant to your campaign, name your ad group, and enter the URL of your website.

Step 3. Create your first search ad

Next, create an ad, including links and text that you want to appear. Select ‘Launch Campaign.’ Your ad campaign will run on Bing and its partnered network, which includes Ecosia. On the Settings menu, select ‘Ad Distribution’ and select ‘Bing, AOL, and Yahoo syndicated search partners only.’

Step 4. Set your campaign to serve ads only on Ecosia

Finally, focus your campaign on Ecosia. Go to your bing settings… Leave your campaign running until you complete your planned test budget - which would vary based on your target audience size. As a general rule $250-500 is a good range for a directional test budget.  As you review your campaign results, you can look specifically for websites from the partnered network that are not Ecosia, then you can add them to the Exclusions list under ‘Advanced Settings.’

Looking to find new levers and channels for acquisition and growth?

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